Making Umberto's Gravy and 38 days till Cooking Kick Off

I am one lucky camper (expression only, I HATE camping) But lucky because several years ago I attended Umberto Menghi's cooking school ,Villa Delia in Tuscany. Had a smashing time.And ever since,his cookbook,Umberto's Kitchen/The Flavors of Tuscany has played a starring role in my menus and dinner parties.

Well,tonight was the night to get out that well worn book. The target:Salsa di Carne ( Meat Sauce or..... Gravy, as Tony and his crowd called it on the Sopranos) Page 148. But back to "lucky". Because Bacon Boy to the rescue. Seems I now have this new addiction. Its called "Twitter". Bacon Boy sez that I'm having an affair. With Twitter.

Recipe supplies are on the counter in my kitchen. But I'm nowhere to be found. Since gently typing away on a keyboard makes little sound. But takes an inordinate amount of time,apparently. Because when I emerged from my office Bacon Boy stood smiling in the kitchen,gravy cooked to perfection and waiting for my doctoring....the gravy was waiting for it,that is. Not Bacon Boy....(we're not going THERE)

Twitter might be my new best friend . But Bacon Boy is partner o'perfection.

Doctor Saucy's bedside manner was applied to Umberto's recipe. It went like this.( Hope you don't mind,Umberto). 3/4's of the cooked sauce gets blended up in the blender. And then mixed back into the chunky sauce. Presto.Lovely consistency. Then about 1/2 cup of cream is added and mixed through. Taste it just in case another 1/4 cup or less of the cream is required.The "patient " is pronounced "cured ".

BB and I munched it down with lots of parmesan, some dried chillies and perfectly cooked tagliatelle. An arugula salad and garlic bread rounded things out. Oh. And a fantastic Amarone.........

Pssst "Also a few squares of Lindt milk chocolate for dessert" adds B.B. (Shhhh)


A fellow tweeter on Twitter tonight called it "Mastering the Art of Magazine Cooking". I love it!

This Tuesday Babette, Ace, Gary and all their partners join Bacon Boy and myself at my cottage for a little group retreat and pre-October 1st "rah rah" session. Also attending will be another indispensable friend to the group known to us as Meister.

What WILL we cook? Will we change any of our plans for our cook-a-thon October 1 launch date? Will we add anything new? Stay tuned for my next update

Hugs from SAUCY

P.S. Did I mention that I love Twitter?

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