Another LOBSTER Tale....

With a month and 20 days to go before project GOURMET magazine recipe start date , things are already starting to cook..... However the dream team members remain calm.... they don't REALLY know what they are in for come Oct 1......

None of the core four have yet decided to revise their "names ". Except Ace. And he just wants me to clarify that Ace is only short for his full name : "Aceson". Seems that the day his birth certificate was filled out , the registry clerk, a well known "alky" in the small town where Ace was born ........ Well, the clerk meant to write "Jason" for Ace's birth name. But it was high noon when little Ace poked his head into this world and that clerk had already worked her way through a pint and a half of straight lemon gin , so "Aceson" became his name of record. ( Ace's mammie and pappie knew the clerk ,felt sorry for her ( she'd had a tough life married to "Dink" Liscomes for all those years) so they let the spelling mistake stand)....

And that brings up the next point. Quickly we are assembling a "cast of characters". A medley of recipe testing comrades. A group, ready to volunteer to assist in dividing up the calorie consumption task. A gaggle of devoted friends , up for eating as required . A fabulous bunch. Look out for them (and other to be "named" folks) in the "comment" section of the blog. And/or in the "followers " list.

A few introductions. A regular group of recipe testing participants will be owners of some of the unique businesses located downstairs in Saucy's ( remember, that's me) condo building. One charming group of unique businesswomen will be known in this blog as the "Fixlets" . Another dynamite woman who surely must have a PhD in her craft will be known as the "Russian".

Then there's the lovely group of 3 dear friends gathered at my table tonight for grilled seafood and caesar salad . " My Sweeties...ya might a loved the shrimp,salmon and scallops cause,yeah...( say it like Bret)..."yeah"... Bacon Boy did an absolute A1 job at the BBQ. But wait till you see the GOURMET delights comin your way starting in October...." This dynamic group of three , now looking forward to those culinary treats, will include the one,the only "Doctor Sam Spade ; the lovely and talented "ACE girl "( name not to be confused with Ace boy of Aceson) and the other one and only " Beer Can Man".

And here's a challenge to my illustrious three amigos sitting at my dinner table on Sunday night. You know who you are... Heartily chowing down on juicy spiced ribs and chicken. What will your names be as you comment on the blog? As you help test various treats from the 12 Gourmet magazine recipes?
Please put a comment on the site with your nom de plume and identify yourself from Sunday August 9th. Can't wait to hear from you. Can't wait to see you soon at another dining extravaganza!!!

Wow. This is gearing up to be a lot of fun. Involving a ton of people!

O.K. Its getting late. But first....a lobster tale ( snort!...pardon the pun) before I sign off for the night.

So. I got these 9 friends coming for dinner on August 1. And I'm hosting and preparing the feast in a town NOT KNOWN FOR LOBSTER. So I'm sayin...... " Self....go down to that famous farmer's market and talk to that guy born on the Eastern Seaboard who now sells fish to the city folk and get him to cook lobsters at his store for your dinner party. ( they stink way too much when you cook 'em at home) Then put those orange bugs in your fridge until you serve 'em up that night with some of the best fixins ever."

So I did.

I made grandma's potato salad. ( I roasted in a 450F oven, mini baby reds and chopped the cooled tators in half. I mixed 'em with finely mashed hard boiled egg( 4 cups potato to 4 mashed eggs). I added 1/2 lb chopped fried,drained smoked bacon, 2/3 cup minced celery,1/4 cup very tiny red onion pieces, full fat Hellmans mayo to taste and appearance(Yeah....I like that full fat stuff) ; then mix 'er all up with s&p to taste, a bit of lemon zest and finely snipped chives sprinkled on top ). Done. Presto. A hit with every crowd.

Then I roasted green beans and drizzled those little suckers,now at room temp, arranged on a platter ,with Thai red chili sauce diluted with some white wine. I created a tray of sliced field tomatoes with mozzarella di bufala campana, fresh basil and 10 year old balsamic. I roasted asparagus and topped them with some lemon and minced avocado. I had three kinds of homemade breads including corn bread. I provided salmon for non lobster lovers. I made dipping sauces in addition to melted butter for the lobster including chipotle mayo,wasabi mayo, curry mayo and seafood sauce. Dessert was decadent,way too much( I have that habit) and l8r. Same with the appies except they were sooner....

The table was country supper chic. The guests were salivating. The music was C&W at its best with a little Budda Bar to mix it up. The trough of lobsters was presented to the diners. We sat down. We passed the bowls. We started to crack open those delicious critters. Mass anticipation. First , snap off the tail.... But....what's wrong...?? What's this....... O-M-##*%-G........That grey stuff is supposed to be.....curdled.......not runny like ....like.....SOUP !!!!........E--YEWWWW......Those lobsters might be orange on the outside but they are TOTALLY RAW on the inside. O-M-G.

So we ate vegetarian that night. Except for the salmon people. ( There were 2 of them and no, we did NOT steal salmon from their plates....I think we were in the midst of raw lobster shock....the green tamale stuff was "day glo, runny ,raw,green slikquid "....) And it was too late to order in the Colonel....

So I ask you dear readers....is this a preview of "what's to come....?" Naw.......

That's, that's all folks.....for now

Big hugs from

P.S. Guests from August 1. Please , create a name and join up with comments and followers. The more the merrier. And yes, the fish market was most apologetic and gave me a refund ! Thanks for being at my table. There WILL BE a rerun! Of cooked lobsters,I mean......

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  1. ACE girl and Dr. Sam Spade had a truly delectable seafood feast prepared by Bacon Boy and Saucy complemented by tastefully selected wines from Sicily by Beer Can Man and Dr.S.S. A most enjoyable evening had by all !!!
    Can hardly wait for October's issue of gourmet magazine!...signed ACE girl