Bacon Boy's Shrimp-As-Big-As-Your-Head

First I want to make these comments about Bacon Boy's favorite foods. Aside from bacon, he enjoys a huge list of delicacies . First there's STEAK. Then comes TUNA. Next.... STEAK. And he loves TUNA. Oh. Did I mention STEAK?

I tell you all this NOT because its true. It isn't. But B.B. hates it when I say this about steak and tuna. And there's nothing I like better than to drive that man of mine a little bonkers teasing the dickens out of him. He actually has a much broader repertoire of menu preferences. Well ....ok.....

Let me put it this way. We are in Paris. Jet lagged. Bacy is very hungry. Sitting in a bistro. Lots of delicious and tempting items. He orders? Steak frites. And hey. Nothing wrong with that. I'm a big fan of that carnivore/potatohead delight as well. But send Bacon Boy an email and ask HOW MANY times he ordered steak frites while in Paris last July for 10 days .... I rest my case.

But back to my title and "Shrimp". B Boy has a short but dependable list of guaranteed successes in cooking. He doesn't profess to be a gourmet cook. But those items on his list that he cooks....he cooks well. And look, he is a guy,so of course a number of those focus on the barbecue. But I'm not complaining.

Last night he made one of my favorites. Shrimp-as-big-as-your-head. These are his instructions for making them :

First he bought a frozen bag of 8-12 count raw shrimp ( shells still on and only partially split open). Note: the ones in the photo are butterflied. Those work too but if you have a choice get the non flattened version....

 He let them thaw ( except they seemed to go from frozen solid to no trace of ice very ,very quickly.... so I think he might have "hastened " the thawing process somewhat.... don't ask..)

Next he put a 1/2 '' layer of Italian flavored bread crumbs in the bottom of a pie plate. He covered that layer with about 1/2 " of olive oil. ( Hmmm, almost sounds like a carpenter,building something.....) Then he mixed it up with a fork. And ya know..... I can't say if it was a half inch for certain or not of each ; B.B. is sketchy on the details. But go back to the ol' eyeballing technique and make yourself a paste of crumbs and oil that you can roll the shrimp around in and pull 'em out with a uneven and light coat of crumbs and oil stuck to the surface.

And before you dunk your RAW,DEFROSTED, PATTED DRY shrimp in that odd mixture,make sure said mixture is,well....."mixed"( as in stirred,mushed up).

Now cook the critters on a hot barbecue. Bacon Boy sez about 4 minutes each side. But watch out. It will depend on your grill. And you just want to barely cook these suckers. Besides I'm questioning B.B.'s stated time frame. So experiment with one shrimp first.( Hey, I heard that.... look, this isn't my recipe...) The advantage of the "test first" method is you get one more to eat than everyone else.

Last night B.B. served these to me with a wedge of lemon along side a lovely salad of arugula, avocado and slivered almonds. Allow me to add that they ( the shrimp NOT the arugula) were perfectly cooked. They tasted SO good. And remember he used NOTHING but the prespiced, prepackaged crumbs and olive oil ! Go figure.

He dressed the salad with sprinkles of olive oil and very aged,very syrupy balsamic vinegar. He topped the plates with the most amazing, teensy, orange colored, grape tomatoes fresh from the farmer's market. Not too shabby treatment from my steak eatin' baby,huh?

Also. One time he made those gigantic shrimp and served them on a humongous platter with a bunch of mini bowls filled with a slew of condiments. We called that free for all " Shrimp-As-Big-As-Your-Head-With-A-Million-Dipping-Sauces" .

Those sauces were too numerous to mention in their entirety. But some were store bought. Like Fire Hot Thai Red Chili Sauce. And a Peanut Sauce. He mixed a little curry with some mayo for: you guessed it: Curry Mayonnaise. He did the same with some dried chipotle . And wasabi. He wanted to do that Onion Soup /Sour Cream thing and I said "No way, Jose." He also had something lemony and another limey thing. But I can't remember now what was in them. We had 12 people for dinner. All shrimp were happily consumed . We had a great night. Drank fabulous wine. And really....the sky's the limit. Pick your sauces and go crazy.

Enough for now. The very serious cooking stuff starts in "19" NINETEEN days from now. OMG.

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  1. Hi Lobstersandwich, thanks for the tweet. Here I am, your latest new friend/follower. I'm loving the sound of your upcoming venture and will be checking in regularly in October. Sounds like a lot of fun. B Boy sounds like an awfully good sport and cook, and namer of dishes. What talent! When you get ready to design out your blog page, you should call on Sour Apple Studio. Her prices are better than competitive, she works quickly and is very smart. Look at samples of her work on her website. Come see me on, your support is very much appreciated. P.S. I have an appt this AM to have some blood work done and can not even have my morning coffee. Reading this post was a HUGE mistake, it made me ravenous, but I know what I'm having for lunch... A shimp-as-big-as-your-head SANDWICH!! Love, Le Gourou (Keri)p.s. using anonymous because i forgot to sign in...

  2. I will definitely try the "shrimp-as-big-as-your-head" recipe. Sounds great.