Holding the OCT Issue of GOURMET Magazine in my Hands!!

Just got it. Its so great. What.... Ruth, Kempie and all. Did you read our minds? Its almost as though you channelled our inner food desires. We cannot wait to cook absolutely everything in this edition. The list is perfect. The magazine is lovely.

Oh.  BTW. We are ordering those three amazing sounding Chef cookbooks tonight. One evening in October will be devoted to a dinner based on these.

Hey readers. You too will drool when you read the "line up" in the October mag. Friends living near by: take a look and send us a request . Maybe you can drop by for dins one night. While you are at it....have you ever checked out ? An endless array of ideas,choices and temptations . ( No, I don't work for the magazine, I just have been a devoted reader and follower for years !!! )

A quick note on the pictures now added to the blog. A professional photographer I AM NOT. Neither is my wonderful Bacon Boy. So we will just try our best to add a little extra color on the site. And occasionally attempt a little humor ( check out the spilled chili jar by the Shrimp-as-big-as-your-head) Not certain how successful we will be, but our hearts are in the right place ! Also about the blog design. Just to say, I'm on it. Don't know why the ability to show stuff on the right hand side disappeared. TBA....

A post script on the photos and humor. We had this shot of the October magazine with a reflection of Don Draper ( AMC's Mad Men heart throb, for those of you not in the TV know) on the TV screen in the background. It made us chuckle and we almost used it but then noticed these candlesticks in the way .  Major amateurs !

Let October 1st arrive and the cooking begin.

Thrilled beyond words. Hugs to all.


  1. what a fun blog you have thanks for visiting mine, love the way you write, have a great saturday

  2. can't wait for your odyssey to begin!

    the buttery girls