BY GEORGE, I THINK WE'VE GOT IT ! (a plan, that is)...Bounce*

*as In Terry's red ball, see post below "Shock and Sadness"

BUT NOW REVISED AS OF NOVEMBER 16/09 ( we need more time!!!)

No one and not one of us ever thought we'd have to stop and regroup 5 days into our cooking project! We picked GOURMET magazine as our recipe source because we LOVE it! Not that we don't like other magazines... we absolutely do, but we had to choose one. After all, this is a hobby. An after hours project. We all have "more than" full time enjoyable and committed day jobs. Cooking from one magazine meant "a lot" of recipes. No way could we cook two or three.

So we picked the one that was around the longest. SEVENTY YEARS. The grand mummy of the cooking magazines. The standard. Yet one that truly reflected cooking practices today, just as well as it did ten years ago. We picked Gourmet because it was familiar. We picked it because we liked it.

Not one of us ever thought to say, "Wow, if you are going to cook for 12 consecutive months, pick a magazine that won't shut down..." Mind you if we WOULD have said that... again, we 'd have selected GOURMET. Who the heck would have predicted this??

Once more; Ruth, everyone, we are so sorry to hear this news. We will miss our GOURMET monthly fix. Conde Nast... what were you thinking?

Very soon (I know, I know, I keep promising) I will post news about our cooking launch on Oct. 1. And Oct 2. And Oct 3. And how so far we have knocked off in the first 5 days... 15 (count 'em...15) of the 51 recipes in the October edition. And I will tell you about the "Deputy Squad". And the aprons and the photos. Also something about a CONTEST.   (giggle... ru getting curious?)

But right now, doncha want to know what we are going to do? Because after November there will be NO. MORE. GOURMET. MAGAZINE.

You need to know, Gourmet mag or not, we are really into this adventure. That became very obvious at the October 1st launch dinner. We all said (amongst other things, as the wine fueled the evening)... We all  said... "This is great. This is a blast. In the VERY LEAST CASE SCENARIO we will all become better cooks from this experience. "

And we observed something else. Already we are a well oiled, highly effective, competent team in our work world. But we always raise the bar.  We constantly strive to improve and grow. Many corporations  spend zillions of dollars hiring experts to "come in and do the team building exercise thing." We, through this project, just gained that service for free. The group effort that goes with executing this tasty but labor intensive cook-a-thon translates directly to improving our already excellent collaborative skills in our daytime work place. I can already see it. We all can. Whodathunk...?

So onward we go. That red rubber ball (sit Terry..) rolling down the hill.

First here's a funny little Saucy sidetrack : I'm out shopping for stuff on Saturday. Can't resist a magazine store (or  a book store for that matter). Bacon Boy sez, "Sauc, you can't buy more cooking magazines, there isn't enough time in the month... " But I eye those short ribs on the cover of Bon Appetit and there's no controlling my impulse to buy. "You, my Saucy, are a magazine S L _  _ !" says my B.B.  "Don't you mean a RECIPE S L _ _?!" I retort.

Anyways I bought the thing. Salivated over the cover photo during the weekend. Remarked numerous times on how yummy the recipes in the magazine looked. Felt terribly GUILTY as I started to wonder how we could cook from both magazines. Bacon Boy just laughed and continually mouthed the "RECIPE S L _ _" words.

I finally said, on Sunday, "O.K. I "yam what I yam" ... Let's make those suckers anyway (the short ribs in Bon Appetit, that is) and heck, we just won't blog about it.." Well we made 'em and thank you kindly Barbara Fairchild because they were "tres excellent-ay"

So isn't it a just a little ironic, me thinking such things about "branching out" beyond GOURMET only to find out on October 5 that we would, indeed, have to do just that....

Now. The part you all are waiting for. What we're gonna do. Well.... we are going to create a mixture of things... a MELANGE.

No. NO. Not a menage... a melange  ! We are going to initiate and execute a COOKING MARATHON MELANGE.

Let me tell you our objectives first before I explain the deets on our menage.... oops, I mean melange.

1.   We want to hone our already "not too bad"  cooking skills. We want to learn more and become better cooks.
2.  That team building stuff that we inadvertently started to experience, we want  mo' o' that.
3.  We want to experience recipes and food from a wide variety of sources.
4.   Embracing the power of the internet just for the fun of it leads to our followers on the blog. First we want more followers. Then we engage a few of them as our "Deputies" (cooking in their own homes) some of the stuff that we are cooking. And we want to talk about it on Twitter and on the blog. Just wait till you hear about the two "head" Deputies... Deputy Doll and Deputy Meister.
5.  You, our readers, will be introduced to contests, events, activities,  shows and all other sorts of unique ways to interact with lobstersandwich's cooking project.
6.  We want at least one hard copy recipe source to be inexpensive and accessible to many.
7.  We want to access and cook some of the excellent recipes featured on the numerous internet food blogs.
8.  Cookbooks old and new. We want to cook bits from them.
9.  We want to honor GOURMET and all those fabulous people responsible for that great magazine.

OK. That's nine objectives. Nine's enough, don't need ten. What a mouthful! But those are our goals for our lovely, little?, luscious, lustful, lengthy, labor-large, laudable, lucid, cooking marathon melange.

Look. There's going to be a WHOLE LOT A COOKIN goin on. With tons of laughter . Lots of learning. And mucho new friendships formed. Mostly because of the www.

This will be our EXECUTION PLAN to reach our objectives:
( By the way : thanks to generous followers on Twitter for some of these ideas)

1.  For October we continue to cook ALMOST ( !) every October Gourmet magazine recipe. Then we will cook from random sources between November 1, 2009 and January 30, 2010. The lobstersandwich crowd will cook both solo and together. And we will ask our deputies to cook along on certain items. When we do that we will either interview or feature that deputy on our blog . Actually , we will engage our "deputies" at various times for all 12 months.

2  At the end of a year ( starting February 1, 2010 and ending January 30, 2011) we will have the Lobstersandwich Deputy Awards. A chosen panel of blog followers and lobstersandwich core members will vote on Best Deputy and 2 runners up in 6 different categories. Categories to be announced L8r . In addition to instant fame on the  lobstersandwich blog, there will be actual prizes awarded. AND... we will host the "Award Show" that night live on TWITTER!! Details later.

3.  Starting in February 2010 and continuing for 12 months , we will feature a different recipe source for each week of that month. The featured source will be broken down this way:
( a ) WEEK 1 :  Food and Wine Magazine is our new source. For a week a month anyways. And hey... we want to learn more about wine , so that works. Plus GARY is our resident wine snob. Plus SAUCY is a big fan of and a regular attendee at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival.  One more thing, to get our "monthly food magazine in the mail subscription fix " we need to replace GOURMET. So right now all 4 of us have become Food and Wine mag subscribers! ( Are you  liking this, Dana Cowin?)
( b ) WEEK  2 : We cook from EARLIER issues of GOURMET Magazine
( c ) WEEk  3  : We choose an internet food blog and cook from it
( d ) WEEK 4  : We cook from one  ( per month ) cookbook of our choice including  Gourmet Today ; Mastering the Art of French Cooking ; Chez Panisse ; a Keller , a Hazan or a Batali ; one of Mark Bittman's ; or even the newest from Besh, Chang or Psilakis ( since we just ordered copies of the last three....)
( e )  WEEK 5 ... when there is a fifth week in the month ... we will indulge SAUCY in her habits of getting sidetracked . Whenever a lobstersandwich member finds something that catches their eye in magazines such as Bon Appetit, Saveur, La Cucina Italiana, etc. they will squirrel away the issue and recipe and pull it out for the week 5 "free-for-all".

4.   Additionally from time to time, we will announce surprise events or contests. For example, in the next month or so, we will announce a "making homemade fudge afternoon extravaganza". What's that you ask ? Well , just you wait and see, you impatient lil' thing. But suffice it to say that YOU, no matter where you live, if you wish, will be making homemade fudge that day ! Plus at another time we will feature a cooking lesson from this really cute professional chef we know ( he has awesome buns... ) And we have more stuff planned!!

This contest thing is really turning us on. Since we need followers and we need some followers to become "Deputies" (as in deputy lobstersandwich members) . As of today our blog logs in at 21 followers ( lets just round that 22 up to 25..., nice math, Saucy-girl!)  Every time we add another 25 followers we will have a draw for a " lobstersandwich experience " prize.  Delivered to your door wherever you live. No contest rules except you cannot join, quit and then rejoin as a follower of lobstersandwich blog.  Join and stay.  That's what we prefer. Can you win more than once if your name comes up ? Why sure you can.  Each additional  25 members means that EVERYONE is in the draw.

So dearest readers, what do you think?  Maybe we should have called the blog "busybeavers" ? (oooooooh )

 Quite the mixture , huh? ( yeah, we like the hoitie toitie sound of melange rather than mixture....!)

Wanna come out and play? Saucy, Babette, Ace and Gary can't wait to meet ya. And Bacon Boy... he's champing at the bit.

Write us a comment. Send us a Tweet, Tell us your thoughts. WE are PSYCHED

One-two-three. Presto.  This is what we are gonna do.

Hugs and Hugs

From Saucy

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