* As in what Bacon Boy said after he tasted every one of these recipes below.....

But first...a little more fessin' up to do. You saw that beautiful platter of pretzels stuffed with ham and cheese ? Yes, they looked lovely on that glass coffee table. That glass coffee table at TERRY's ( the dog) height . One minute we were all helping ourselves. Sipping our vino, laughing away. The next minute that platter was spickin' span clean. And a cute little doggie was licking her chops. How could we be angry, it was her party too!!!

So Babette and I cooked the PORK CHOPS with BLACK BARBECUE and Thumbelina CARROTS:

What a production. But well worth it. It must have been the chocolate AND the bourbon AND the coffee AND all those spices sitting on the meat for so long that provided that TO-DIE-FOR flavor.

The Braised Bacon Carolina Rice should have been liquified and injected into our veins. But no, then we would have missed out on those huge chunks of slab bacon.....

Yeah we needed a salad .So we made the Parsley,Celery Leaf and Jicama on page 125 of October's issue. It was salady-satisfying. The leftovers went home to Babette's pet rabbit, Hopscotch. ( We couldn't invite Hopscotch to the party; Terry would have liked it but maybe not so much, Hopscotch....)

We completed the night on October 1st with the CHESS PIE with BLACKENED PINEAPPLE SALSA and CARAMEL SAUCE ( pg 109):

That was .....good.... but for some reason the crust was too tough. And trust me, we followed the recipe to a "tee". And...the caramel sauce flopped. But a little persistence and a ton of cream and we were back in business. ( How many times has "cream" come to the rescue over the years....)

So. Whadayathink? Looks yummy, huh? Next post will show you what Deputy Doll did for us on October 2. Without asking, mind you. It was her birthday present to the SAUC !

Hugs and hugs from


  1. Those chops look truly delish, Saucy!! Great food, and fun time for sure!
    Thank you for the blog shout out!
    Made a Dulce de Leche BD cake today...I'll blog it as soon as BD company leaves...they're staying a couple of days.

  2. Annelle, I absolutely LOVE Dulce de Leche. Its a perfect food .Doesn't it have its own food group?

  3. Hi Saucy, Happy Belated Birthday to you. Congrats on new family member (deep fryer). I've always wanted one, but wouldn't DARE! Tell Bacy I totally understand. I recently heard about a County fair serving up deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. HAAA ... So happy to see things are cooking at your place. Everything looks awesome. Keri

  4. Hey Keri:
    Confession time.As a kid I Looooved GRILLED peanut butter and SUGAR sandwiches....oops, the secret is out!!

  5. Those barbecued porkchops look amazing!What a lovely meal!I came across your site from the foodieblogroll and I'd love to guide our readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this post and it's all set, Thanks!