Um. This is just a little addendum to the post below called "Show me the Cookin' ". Can't resist telling you. Although I'm certain "Julia" would say ,"Oh no dear, What they don't know, won't hurt them...."

But this anonymous blog gig gives me extra courage .

So. Did you note the lovely serving dish used for the Lamb Ragu and Grits? I have had it for years. Use it very occasionally. Love the look of the piece.

There I am at our table, taking a mouthful of the tasty "lamB-ah" concoction.......CRUNCH.... OMG. I know that's not a bone! Take a look and yikes, its a piece of the lovely blue pottery swirl from the serving plate ( see pretty swirl in last pic in prior post).  GASP.

Tell everybody, ( and not all that calmly, either) ! Yeah, we all stop eating. But there's been mucho wine consumed by now. So Babette says" Aww. Sauce.Don't worry, no one else found any."

Well, nope. I had to explore further. " Hold your chompers for a sec, gang ", says me. And I run the stuff back to the kitchen, dump the contents into another bowl, then I inspect the pottery culprit. I match up the piece I rescued from my mouth ( BEFORE I might have chipped a tooth ). Luckily BABETTE was right. My shard perfectly matched the part broken from the platter. No other piece was missing. Whew!

We were SAVED.

Dining and drinking and chatting and laughing resumed. The next post will describe and show FOUR more dishes.


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  1. Oh my...disaster avoided! The very thought of not being able to enjoy that wonderful meal!
    (I did notice your beautiful serving piece...sorry for the shard, but great story and memory!!)