Ha ! Not What You're Expecting....

This post truly, truly should be about the awesome, bonding, challenging, entertaining, grueling ,giggling, tasty, fabulous , first day and night of our TWELVE MONTH Gourmet Magazine cooking marathon. But it can't be. Not yet anyways. Because "The Sauc" is exhausted. Dead tired. Snookered.....But its all good.

So that post comes next. And stay tuned because its a doozy!

But see. Part of the reason I'm bagged is that I just returned from a business trip. Then another full day of meetings. And then a day off...birthday day cook with the wonderful Babette for 9 hours.

So just for now,before I sign off for the night. I have a little thing from the business trip to share with you.

My work took me to Toronto,Canada. One night I was treated to chicken and ribs from the renown STOCKYARDS SMOKEHOUSE and LARDER( on St Clair and Christie). Well I gotta tell you two things.

First the chicken. It was THE most succulent and delicious  bbq chicken that I ever tasted....ever. There was a piece left over for the next day. I craved it. I devoured it. And when I finished , anyone would be hard pressed to identify the animal that once owned that diminished pile of bones crouching on my empty plate. And you just KNOW how good it is when you stare down at the remains and fight off a tear a wishing there was just one more piece in the refrigerator. Or at least a couple of crumbs still stuck to the tin foil...

The ribs . Well, they were fine. Not the fall off the bone kind that are my true favorite. But I put them,wrapped in foil, back in the oven at 275F for an hour,covered with a bit more sauce. And fixed their wagon right some good.

I will tell you my all time favorite rib recipe. And sorry...but its true. It was in a GOURMET Magazine.
( Now. Stop. Don't yawn. Why do you think we picked that magazine for our cooking project ? It has great stuff in it. Plain truth....)

Go to May 2006 issue. Page 227. Sticky Spicy Ribs . Try 'em. If you don't have the mag: google it, or check out Gourmet's website , or leave me a comment and I'll get the recipe to you. ..You'll thank me.

Night,night and big hugs
From very tired camper, Saucy
(and for the record, I HATE camping)


  1. I cant wait to see this project unfold. How exciting. I'll have to google those ribs. I'm intriqued. I subscribed to your reader! :)

  2. Hey there Saucy, now that is quite a marathon. But just read on twitter that Gourmet mag is calling it a day! =(