Is Bacon Boy Losing It?

This is a teensy post. But you gotta hear this . Bacon Boy, today, invested in a new deep fryer. Just for those few occasions where a recipe calls for that machine.....No, do NOT say it....NOT for his daily fix of Steak Frites.... For the record...Bacy is very fit and not overweight.

Anyway... B.Boy adores this machine. This top of the line TFal that has an automatic fat cleaning mechanism and storage depot. He likes it sooooo much that I walk past him, watching the ball game. And there is the deep fryer, like a pet ( remember those chia pets) sitting beside him on the sofa. And I say, "Honey, whacyadoin?" he says," We're ( note the "we") we're watching the game"...

Like the deep fryer is a buddy he asked over for a beer. Like the long lost friend. A pet. Cousin Harold.

OMG. Terry will be so jealous.

I'm totally not signing THIS post.....


  1. Oh my--a personal deep fat fryer with a fat cleaning thing--that's just over the top! I would be making Hungry Mouse's Calamari right now! And Savory Fried Pies...and Fried Okra by the much to fry, so little time!

  2. oh my. that is one of my favorite images ever. guy sitting on a couch with his arm around his deep fryer. brillz.

    ms. butterpants