Dear Readers :

Earlier today Conde Nast , publisher of GOURMET MAGAZINE , made a shocking announcement . After almost 70 years they are closing down the magazine.

Anyone at all connected to or involved with food enjoyment, admiration, preparation etc. is saddened by the news. It even impacts those who never read the magazine. Today on Twitter, one tweet noted that they had NOT, in fact, ever read (any of those fantastic stories and words) but that they did take "comfort" in knowing  that the magazine existed. That is was "there".

A note to Ruth Reichl and her wonderful staff of editors, chefs, authors and contributors . THANK YOU.

Thank you for countless terrific hours reading your articles. Cooking your recipes. Checking out your recommended destinations. Following your chefs. What you have written has impacted the lives of most of us..... your fans and readers. You will be missed. Perhaps more than you know.

We wish for you all, nothing but the best in everything you do in the future. And we look forward to seeing you and hearing from you in all sorts of ways .

The lobstersandwich gang , once we recover from our shock , will regroup, refocus and drive on. We will announce our revised strategy in the coming days.

Its sorta like this. I watch my sweet little doggie , Terry , as she plays with her red rubber ball. The toy is made of a type of rubber that almost allows it to bounce and travel on its own. She stares at it , then chases it. That rolling ball that once it starts..... it just won't stop . It has...INERTIA

Well that's you....Ruth, Kempie and all the others. You have unleashed all that positive, creative energy that will now NOT stop , for anything.... Because of that, today's announcement is a temporary set back, but nothing more.

And we at lobstersandwich won't stop either. Just watch us roll as we watch you do the same......

Much respect and a bunch of hugs thrown in for good measure ( just because we mean it..)
   From: SAUCY ( and Babette, Gary, Ace, spouses, partners, deputies, followers etc. etc.)

P.S.  And Ruth, Bacon Boy still says  you're HOT .


  1. What a nice tribute. I hope they read it. You have an RSS feed set up for your blog? If so, they may come across it. I'm working on an email for you re: the link thing. Why do they make things so confusing? Loving your writings. Stay cool and keep cooking. Keri

  2. P.S. We made Pho last night (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) have you ever had it? We knew chances were slim that we'd get it any where near authenticity, but WOW.... was it delicious! Seeya.

  3. lovely post. thought about you when i saw the news. looking forward to hearing what your new strategy is.

    the buttery girls

  4. Well I just spent some quality time at and I'm with you so far. I'm in for deputy duty if you think I'm worthy. A clever bunch you are, indeed. LOL. P.S. are you active on foodie blog roll, petitchef and foodbuzz? Seeya, Keri