ACE and the BOYS do their THING

Ummmmmmmmmmm Buffalo.

That's what Ace said when he emailed me the pics. And that's because he invited a few buddies in for a 'cue . A 'cue and a pint...or 3 , that is. And that's also because he lives close to an Irish pub. Oh, did I mention that he owns a Homer Simpson beer opener that says "Mmmmmm  beer" each time a cap is popped ?

Ace is an excellent cook for his 23 years. Not certain about his pals. But they weren't on duty for the protein part of the meal anyways. Their job was to eat, drink and set up the barbecue for Ace......

That's sorta where it all fell apart, though. Ace rushed outside after preparing the Celery Apple Slaw and forming the buffalo into burgers. Please don't ask if it was easy to get the buffalo in the first place. It was NOT. But source it, he did. Ace being a master of tasks requiring such deductive skills.

So the boys yell, "Its all ready, man, bring 'em out" Then burgers start sizzling on the grill, in the surprisingly cold evening weather , for about....40 seconds.

They ran out of propane !

Ace, ever the resourceful one,  starts knocking on neighbor's doors. Looking for propane or a George Forman grill. He found the latter. Quickly. So the burgers cooked perfectly. Very juicy, they all agreed.

I hear it was a late night.

 Now....compliments of GOURMET magazine October 2009 issue page 128 here is the recipe for PORTOBELLO BUFFALO BURGERS with CELERY APPLE SLAW:

 The meat consisted of  pulsing in a food processor :1 medium chopped onion and 10 oz. trimmed & quartered portobello mushrooms. Then in a heavy skillet with 2tbsp olive oil, cooking 'shroom/onion mixture with 3/4 (?...really?) tsp salt, &1/4 tsp black pepper till browned. Let cool in a bowl for 15 min.  Later with as little touch as possible, mix in the 1 lb. of ground buffalo meat. Form into 4 patties. The boys barbecued ...errr... George Formaned the things. GOURMET suggested pan frying in 2 tsp olive oil for a TOTAL of 8 minutes for med rare. ( Ace made triples of the whole recipe, just so you know)

The slaw consisted of the 2 celery ribs and 1/2 granny smith unpeeled,cored apple cut into 2" long julienne. In another bowl, Ace whisked together 1 tbsp mayo ( yeah...the full fat kind...none better....Saucy's mantra) , 1 plus 1/2 tsp cider vinegar , 1 tsp o. oil , 1 tsp whole-grain mustard and 1/4 tsp white sugar. Mix in 1/8 each S&P. Add the celery and apple to the dressing.

The burgers were served on buns with the slaw on top.

Take a look below. And sorry, but I give up. I could NOT line up these photos. As much as I tried. And now, I cannot get the uncooked burgers to position above the cooked ones. So what, right? They still look real nice now don't they so?   Yummmmmmmmmmm-ie

Happy eating thanks to Ace and the boys
Hugs from


  1. Hey Saucy. Those burgers look more like truffles, but sound delicious. Uh.. Men! "Gonna grill burgers tonite. Check the propane? who needs to check the propane? it's F I N E!!!"

    LOL.. Love your blog, your team, your enthusiasm.. NOTHING LIKE IT.. So where U been? No tweets, no comments, I got Nothin here. Take care, Doll.. Keri ..

  2. Looks amazing Saucy! ...and that definitely reminds me to check to see if we need more propane!

  3. HI thanks for the comment on my blog, oh isn't Paris amazing we also rented an appartment such a good experience, oh love buffalo had it recently for the first time great burgers

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