Because she does.......RULE that is. And we like it. Because we like her ! So here it is, after you consider this photo....and no, this is not a pic of Babette and Coach's revered pet, HOPSCOTCH....

Is it not the cutest thing? And there's the point and the rule....nothing "rabbit" will be cooked on lobstersandwich.

Please note, we are carnivores with that one above exception. Babette admits to loving pork. Partially because her granddaddie raised hogs down in the hollow....  a secluded spot far away from the plantation. When Babs wasn't mixing her favorite mint julep , she was cooking the farmed piggies. Note: the lovely roast from October 2009 GOURMET magazine in an earlier post.

Babette, keeping true to her "oinkilicious" addiction, recently made the PORK BELLY SKEWERS from the October edition.  Well, she reports that she and Coach had a grand time. Spent much more time than they expected. And much more money....

We have no photos of the pork belly because of that. Seems that Coach was really trying to help. When the prepared meat made it to the oven for a 4.5 hour visit, Coach took it upon himself to peek inside the covered roasting pan. Camera in hand , he wanted a shot.

Ummmmmm. No. Camera drops out of hand and smack in the middle of the steaming pork....  Babette, ('cause, like I said, that sweet southern belle looooooves pork ), Babette made a triple recipe. So when the camera fell, it fell hard and deep. Covered in meat and sauce....( substitute the word "slop" for "sauce" here. A favorite word of our very own Dr. Sam Spade).

Sammy is known to describe things to be eaten or eventually eaten, that are not quite right ( in his mind) as...SLOP. As in "I'll take some of those mashed potatoes but none of that gravy slop".... Hey,that's ACE-girl giggling in the background.

But I digress. ( What, Saucy getting off topic? ) We have no pictures of the labor intensive, candy-like Pork Belly Skewers. Coach is out buying a new camera. Babette says she won't make the recipe again (too many other more worthwhile choices). Dr. Sam Spade and ACE-girl ( no relation to our Buffalo-burger- making ACE) say "No more slop". And I say...the recipe on page 114 of Gourmet October 2009 is way too long to retype. So I won't. And you shouldn't make it anyways  (Sorry,Gourmet...)

Big,huge hugs from


  1. I agree with the rule, and pledge to adhere to the afore mentioned rule!

  2. Don't be fooled. That's a crafty lobster in bunny suit.

  3. Hey Saucy....this is too funny. I hope he had the good sense to take a picture of the camera soaked in steaming pork. By the way, one can make a lot of sandwiches with pork, no? Nothing sloppy going on here tho, the page is looking great. I have 2 houses full of family here for the holiday, between airport runs, cooking and accomodating, it's been a busy week so far. I'll be back to snoop around when things are back to normal around here. You take good care, have a safe and memorable holiday, Hi to the gang, happy cooking... Keri

  4. P.S. Can't wait to go see NINE!!!!!!!!!! How about chew?

  5. Awwwwwww ... Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz.. I'm missin U somthin TERRRBLE!!! Come back lobstersandwich, come back!!


  7. Oh no! What a shame about your camera! But good to see that you're back and if you're going to have a camera land in anything, soft, squidgy pork belly has got to be it right? :P