Did you think I left town?  Went on a round-the-world-trip ? Broke my typing wrist ? Forgot about my dear lobstersandwich ? Nope, none of the above... I've just been.....stuck in a moment. You know the song? One of my favorite by Bono and the U2 boys.

I could blame my one month lapse on a hectic work schedule. And on Thanksgiving and Holiday Season celebrations. But the truth is...that I and we have been ...well... STUCK. Ever since we heard about the closing of our beloved Gourmet Magazine in early October. Aside from feeling terrible for the staff and readers of the magazine......the wind was whipped from the lobstersandwich sails. Argh. Mateys.

Yeah, sure we came up with an alternative project. And we described it beautifully both in our profile above and in detail at our "itslobsterseason" blogspot. Its supposed to start February 1st. And that's the thing. First it was supposed to start November 1st. We changed that. Because we just couldn't get our psych back.

Howwwwwever...last night, I think, changed all that. Bacon Boy and I invited our dear friends Pattynbuns to dinner. Buns owns a bunch of restaurants and Patty is a formidible partner. I think we have a new SUSTAINABLE plan! Thanks P&B. Stay tuned all, for project update and blog post about that dinner.

Fantastic 2010 wishes to ya' all.
Hugs and hugs from
SAUCY  ( sheeee's back!)