It was a crazy week. Morning turned into night with a blink, a blink I tell you, of the eye. Yet we were missin' spending some time with our good friends Pattynbuns.

" Come on down ", we said. "We just bought this amazing new cookbook. Let's make something from it together."

Now Buns likes his meat so much that he built and owns a Steakhouse in the city. So it was obvious which recipe to make...the PAN ROASTED RIB EYE from David Chang's and Peter Meehan's new MOMOFUKU cookbook.

Due to our frantic schedules, we needed the MEAT accompaniments to be simple, quick, easily accessible, yet" to-die-for" great. Because...we were dying to see our friends. Could we create a memorable night that felt and tasted as though we had worked for hours? Yes, yes we could!

Here's what we did:  For an appie, Bacon Boy whipped up a batch of his SHRIMP-ABAYA ( that's shrimp-as-big-as-your-head from an earlier post). Shrimp (8 count) we already had in our freezer. For a carb, Saucy (that's me,of course) found a few sweet potatoes in the fridge and dreamed up a tiny,very creamy gratin. A bunch of crispy arugula, tossed with a simple lemon vinaigrette and topped with shaved parmesan served as a tasty salad course. Dessert was decadent vanilla ice cream ( already in the freezer) with a huge dollop of good quality (from a jar) dulce de leche. Everything already in our cupboards and minimal work!

When Pattynbuns arrived the fun began. We started sipping some vino .....

Now let me ask you ... this collaboration involved red meat and guess which of our foursome did the cooking...? Yeah, Bacy and Buns made the steak while Patty and I read out the instructions. We hooted and laughed. Patty and Saucy were...well, saucy and bossy!. The boys were excellent co-chefs and very,very cute. ( Buns might own the name but both he and Bacon Boy are in a "dead heat on a merry-go-round" in the fine lookin' butt  department...)

Of course Chang and Meehan's writing style made for even more giggles as the meat seared away in that cast iron pan!

When it was time to eat the Rib Eye, we cracked open a bottle of CAMUS 2004 Cabernet. Ahhhh.

What a night. Look at the shots. Then the recipe. Try it yourself. Open lots of windows...the smoke will set off a fire alarm or two!! Buy the book, its GREAT. Only one regret : we didn't make David's CRACK PIE for dessert. Next time we will , you can bet on it.

The smoky searing begins....

Make certain all sides "covered".... DO NOT OVERDO, right David?


The "secret ingredients"....


Want some ? ...betcha big toe that you do...

Here's how:


( see page 187 of David Chang's and Peter Meehan's MOMOFUKU cookbook,Clarkson Potter,2009)

One 2.5 lb. bone in rib-eye steak, dry aged if possible
Kosher salt and ground pepper
4tbsp unsalted butter
a few thyme sprigs
3 garlic cloves
2 small shallots
Maldon salt

Optional: Confit Fingerling Potatoes (Pg 189)...made with bacon...yum,yum

FOR STARTERS: I cannot possibly do justice to the detailed and humorous ( as in LOL funny) preparation method described by Chang and Meehan in the book. So buy the book and read it yourself ! I will however, list below my abbreviated version.

1. Heat oven to 400F

2.Heat a 10 or 12 inch cast iron fry pan over high heat until its really,REALLY hot.

3.Season the steak with the authors say: liberally, like you'd salt a NYC sidewalk ! Then add pepper. ( my feedback: that was a lot of salt,I'd cut it back but still salt both sides fairly generously)

4.The steak should sizzle aggressively when it hits the pan. Sear 2 minutes per side and then 30secs on the thick part. While the 2 minute searing goes on ,do NOT press it or touch it. The authors are very strict about this. They say that at the 2 min mark the meat should release easily from the pan.

5. Then put the steak in the oven in the pan for 8 minutes. ( Our experience: 6 minutes would have been sufficient for the medium rare result we wanted)

6. Bring the pan back to the stove top over LOW heat, for about 2 minutes but no longer. Add the butter,thyme,garlic and shallots . Then keep basting the meat during that 2 minutes.Constantly. Then touch the steak, If its kinda squishy-soft ( as the authors say), it should mean its "very rare". For medium rare, baste for another minute.Then remove to a plate. Let the steak rest for 10 minutes. NO TOUCHING!!

7. While it is resting cook the garlic and shallots a bit more.

8. Then slice the steak. Add any drippings from the slicing back to the butter mixture in the pan. Serve the steak with individual bowls filled with the pan butter sauce. Dunk the meat. Is this good or what...( no calorie comments,please)

9. The authors recommend serving the fingerling potatoes ( see ingredient list) on the side and also recommend sprinkling the sliced steak with the Maldon salt before serving.( Our comments: we served a decadent sweet potato and cream concoction instead of the fingerlings and skipped "more salt")

THE PHOTO ON PAGE 186 OF THE COOKBOOK IS STUNNING. ( its because of that photo that we chose the recipe and we were NOT disappointed!)

So there you have it. Great night. Easy peasy. No jibber jabber....well,maybe after the wine... Certainly no poopycock ! (...Sorry, Lately I've been watching Boston Legal reruns... DENNY CRANE ! )

Just wonderful friends, laughter, no stress, no prep, terrific group effort, tasty as "all get out". A great time had by all. Even if OUR RIB EYE did NOT have the called for "bone in". Sorry, Momofuku! We loved it...LOVED IT anyways

Yours in red meat, Hugs from
SAUCY and Bacon Boy and Pattynbuns.


  1. Well, you're absolutely right! I really, really really want some!
    What a great post, and a great idea--make a party out of playing in the kitchen together--I want to do that, too! How To accomplish Stress-free entertaining in the kitchen--A Guide to Delicious Fun!!
    Thanks, Saucy. Give us the low-down on the Crack Pie SOON!!

  2. I think I have to say one more thing after scrolling back up the pictures: My mouth is totally begging for a bite! Holy Cow!

  3. That is awesome! Fire doesn't scare me! I want that MEAT!!! Yumm! Crack Pie next? You have too much fun!
    Your friend-Renee

  4. Oh your cook-along sounds like a hoot! And that steak is a wower! So mouthwatering and it looks like it tasted fantastic! Share?

  5. Hey! Congrats on popping up on the Foodie Blogroll today! Great day for all meat lovers to see your blog!

  6. Hi'ya Saucy baby.... thanks ever so for your visits to S365. Sounds like a splendid evening and even splendider dining. We have the riotous Momofuku and have poured over it's pages, bookmarking at least 6 recipes to make "right away". Just can't seem to get all ducks in a row to do so. It's fabulous. Next time, tell me how you made the sweet potato gratin. I'm a huge lover of the sweet potato. Am I wrong not to keep them in the fridge like you? :( And oh how I miss finding arugula in my fridge. Can't hardly find it, or good bread here in 'the country' and that bites. Loved the post. Photos are outstanding! Give my regard to b-boy and the gang. Keep cookin! Keri

  7. Oh man, this looks a-ma-zing! Yum!!!


  8. Wow - that looks soooooo great!!!!
    Thanks for dropping into my Australia Day Party :-)
    Cheers - I'll be back!

  9. Oh, wow, this sure does look amazingly delicious!

  10. The closeups of the meat are absolutely delectable. Yes I would bet my big toe I want some! I'll take that large piece you're carving slices from please :)

  11. I love Rib Eye, it's my favorite cut of meat. Love sweet potatoes too! Wish I had been at that dinner. :) Crack pie??? Cut me a piece!

  12. This looks absolutely amazing. I am now STARVING!

  13. OMG, that looked so good. I just ate but now i want to eat again. Gorgeous!
    *kisses* HH

  14. Dinner on the fly with everyone in the kitchen to help~big juicy steak~a nice bottle of wine= recipe for success. Sounds like fun!

  15. To all my 14 comment-EERS. Thank you. So lovely to hear from you. I am doing my best to visit your terrific blogs as much as I can and sending you all some sweet,saucy and relevant notes. Wish I could have everyone of you over for a Momofuku Steak night. It would be a blast,I know.

    The sweet potato gratin question? Sliced sweet potatoes, butter,s&p, cream. Layered and baked at 425F till soft. A bit of brown sugar on top at end and browned under a flame. Rich but delish.

    Next post will be a rich dish too.

    Until then,hugs to you all

  16. Oh my this is fantastic .....smoky at its best...

    Thanx a ton loads LOBSTERSANDWHICH,i love ur wonderful world that u guys have opened up there and jus about exploring ur world.
    will be delighted to have u back to my world too.

  17. So many wonderful friends and comments. Thank you one and all. I look forward to visiting you all.... over and over again in your own blog worlds. Until the next time...
    Bon Weekend

  18. DELICIOUS!!!! I can never do in Paris a good barbecue ... sp your post is mouthwatering - even if it is 7 am!!!

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