The deal was and is...."as soon as lobstersandwich reaches 50 followers on the BLOG, we will draw for a prize !" Well we did and we did. Our first winner is the lovely Annelle Williams of @annellini on TWITTER and  . CONGRATULATIONS, Annelle.

Her prize? A fantastic new cookbook written by Giuliano Hazan called " THIRTY MINUTE PASTA". Everyone at lobstersandwich has a copy, regularly cooks from it and loves, loves, LOVES Giuliano's recipes!

Check out Giuliano at  or tweet his terrific wife Lael on TWITTER  @educatedpalate .

Thanks so much to Annelle, Lael and Giuliano !

Remember all you wonderful and loyal lobstersandwich blog readers and members, going forward, each time we add another 25 followers to the BLOG we will have another draw for a new surprise prize. Each draw will include ALL followers listed on the blog.

Oh. Did you hear, did you hear? On TWITTER on the weekend we just passed the 1000 mark for Twitter followers. Wow-wee. We are smilin' big time. If we could move all those followers to the blog ,we'd be giving out prizes left, right and center!

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COMING SOON. A post and recipe from a Saturday dinner party for 10. But I cooked enough for 20. The recipe.... Saucy's sexy, serious, satisfying, calorie-laden( so what, eat-small-portions- if- you- can), irreverent ( but not irrelevant), readapted....CARBONARA. Someone called it "heart attack on-a-plate " ...but then they quickly went back for seconds...

Let me just say that my recipe should and will NEVER be confused with the delicious and classical version of  Spaghetti Carbonara . A wonderful recipe for that dish appears on page 131 of Giuliano's book.

So stay tuned for the deets on SAUCY and her guests as they munch and slurp on something that tastes sommmmme good. And by the way...the secret ?"SUPERBACON".... ( say that word very quickly, with certainty)


Hugs and hugs