I will not apologize to the purists. This recipe will knock your socks off. It will expand your waist line if you eat it too don't ! ( just eat it sometimes) !! It is so simple to make plus you can prepare some components in advance ( very good). Your dinner guests or that special someone you are wooing will think you have put them in deeeelicious food heaven. You will be pestered for the recipe and begged for a dinner invite the next time you make this dish. So purists....sorry. This is not true spaghetti carbonara. I know that. But this stuff, SAUCY'S NAUGHTY CARBONARA is still SOME GOOD!!

FIRST ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT: if you can get it....SUUUUU-PER BACON.  Or roasted bacon if you like the more conventional name. Just compare the regular bacon in the photo above to the beauty of the super bacon. ( Hey, if you cannot find the roasted stuff, regular bacon will work just dandy). OH Yes, yes, yes... Bacon Boy LOVES this dish.

Okey doakey. Here's what you need to serve 4 generously:

1. Get yourself  1 lb of suuuu-per bacon. Dice it in attractive chunks and saute till cooked. Scoop out of the pan with a slotted spoon. Drain on paper towel . Keep 1/2 of bacon fat in the fry pan. Put the drained bacon in a little bowl. ( This entire step could be done earlier in the day)

2. Chop not too fine, 1 large sweet onion. Add 1 stick of butter to the bacon fat( in the fry pan) then saute the onion till cooked. Then add to the onion mixture 4 finely minced garlic cloves. Cook about another minute. Then put fat/onion/garlic mixture in another little-ass bowl . ( This step too could be done earlier in the day)

3. When its time to serve your masterpiece, cook up some spaghettini  according to your preference. Drain and return to cooking pot. Put pot on low to med heat. Careful of the heat so stuff doesn't burn.

4. Now pile in the goodies while mixing constantly with a pasta claw or wooden spoon. Add the bacon, the onion/fat/garlic mixture, 2 cups or more of grated high quality parmesan cheese, 2 -3 raw eggs AND LOTS of cream and or half and half until you get a gooey, rich, globby, cheesy, decadent mixture that looks vicious and tastes deadly. ( Not runny...just gloopy and sticky,but good gloopy and sticky...) Oh yeah,season with salt and coarse black pepper. Then put more cheese and some dried chillis on the table for people to play with. Oh yeah,some rocky gourmet salt too.

DARLIN's you will hate me for this and love me for this all at the same time. And sure, serve it with a simple green salad. But probably few will eat the salad....they will be way too busy making room for seconds...

Cheffie. Of Orange County. This is for you. SAUCY's NAUGHTY CAR-bone-ARA.

Hugs and hugs


  1. It sounds like an easy yet scrumptious dish. Bet guests will ask for the second plate.

  2. Gloopy, sticky deliciousness!
    Glad to see you back--now I want Naughty Carbonara!

  3. oh this looks great I just made something similar

  4. Guess what we had for dinner tonight! Yes, you guessed it, and it was wonderful--and so quick!
    Thanks, Saucy!!

  5. This looks so good - but you're right, definitely something you can't very often!

  6. This looks dee-lish and is one of my faves too!

  7. Hello Saucy! Forget about you? Never happen! Not with dishes like this naughty thing. Right up my alley with the Super bacon. Your photos do it justice. One picture. A thousand senses. Thanks for poppin in at S365. Keep the momofuku mojo workin. Keri

  8. Best wishes to you all. I love carbonara, especially when made with Spaghettini.

  9. I'm Bonesing for this now! Thanks for the fattening kick off to my great new health kick!

  10. Mamma mia!!! Carbonara is my favorite, let's try this variation. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love, love, love carbonara. I must admit I make it way too much. Trying it with this super bacon has me intrigued. I am going to try your variation next time. It sounds scrumptious!

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