It's true my friends. Extra! Extra! Read all about it. SAUCY and LOBSTERSANDWICH and the gang return. Sorry for the way-too-long break. Too much else got in the way. But we're back and we're cookin' and ready to tell a few tales ( tell!)

Soon ,very soon a mouth watering, waist expanding, delectable, unconventional recipe. Unconventional because the purists won't like it. So what...your dinner guests will LUUUUUUV it. I'll tell you about all the ooohs and awwws and doggy bag requests . ( Doggy...did someone say "Doggie" TERRY...SIT...and you, dear reader, might like to click from the list below this post:"terry wants a sandwich" for more)

Especially, @chefrenee will like the name of the dish (I'm NOT tellin' yet).

More in a few days. Missed you guys SOOOOOOmuch. I came back just as soon as I could. Let's have some fun.

HUGS and more HUGS


  1. Good! I have been checking to see what you were up to. And if your uncoventional recipe is anything like the success your Fauxlasagne was... well, I'm just waiting to try it. Now get a move on! I'm hungry! :-)

  2. Welcome back!
    Hope you will stick around--good stuff.
    Happy weekend~